New York, February 5TH - 123 Inglés Mobile is a prepaid card for mobile devices. It allows access to a complete English course for Spanish speakers using mobile phones, tablets, or computers. Each card has a unique code. After registration, users gain access to 25 English lessons in audio and video format, 25 PDF files, and a quiz section.

The launch of this innovation called 123 English Mobile was announced by its founder, Maximiliano Lobos. "We are launching this prepaid card that will allow anyone to learn English with exceptional quality and incredibly low cost," he says.

For less than $6, users can purchase a card that includes an activation code. Users enter the code at to access the course. There is also a section with tests to evaluate progress.

But, how effective is this methodology? Considering the large number of courses that are on the market, the question is valid. Maximiliano responds with a testimonial which he recently received in his inbox.

"My name is Veronica. I want to express that with these classes I learned English, got over the Naturalization test, and after many years away from my family, I could go back to Colombia and join them for Christmas. I am very grateful".

Lobos says that with this prepaid card, he wants to offer these same horizons for thousands of Latinos seeking an opportunity to succeed and prosper in this country.

The company has closed alliances with partners in some cities in Florida, Texas, Mexico, Colombia, and Bolivia, and are looking for more distributors. They also have two months presence in more than 100 kiosks in downtown Santiago de Chile.

"Latinos urgently need to learn English to get prepared for the immigration reform of President Barack Obama," he said. "As the President said, time has come, time is now, and the first step in overcoming this challenge is to learn English," he concluded.

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